All the Cinema of Romics "An Auteur Edition"

The Movie Village makes its return at Romics with the celebration of spring movie releases and summer previews  dedicating a special attention to Masters of past and present,  the great artists from Studios and the most important Italian talents who work for great international  live action, animation and special effects productions. The franchises of Cinema and Games this time will join together  in three very important exhibitions.  



SHARON CALAHAN  joined Pixar in 1994 as a lighting supervisor on “Toy Story”, the first feature-length animation from the studio. She then worked as director of photography on “A Bug’s Life”, “Toy Story 2” and the Oscar-winning “Ratatouille” and “Finding Nemo”. She went on to play the same role in the Disney Pixar production “Cars 2”, which was nominated for a Golden Globe. More recently, she was the visual designer and director of photography of the Disney Pixar film “The Good Dinosaur”. It was in this film that the technique of painting realism was introduced, a realism due to the simulation of a painting.

In collaboration with Direzione Generale Cinema del Ministero dei Beni e delle Attività Culturali e del Turismo e Associazione Città dell’Animazione, and with the support of Fondazione Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia, Sharon Calahan will held a master class  aimed at students of Scuola Nazionale di Cinema del Centro Sperimentale per la Cinematografia, italian schools of animation, arts institutes and professionals of the sector, animation studios. The master class will offer a ‘’behind the scenes’’of some Pixar feature films, for examining the various tecniques utilized by the artist. Sharon Calahan will also be the protagonist of a splendid ‘’personal’’ in collaboration with Disney-Pixar.



In collaboration with Warner Bros. Entertainment Italia and RW Lion, Romics celebrates the Dc heroin at the  Movie Village with a special exhibition of the 75 most amazing covers of this comic book and and an installation that bring to the Festival the original lazo and crown  exclusively from the movie directed by Patty Jenkins coming to theaters next June 01. The Festival also dedicates to Wonder Woman a special encounter.  


A TRIBUTE TO CARLO RAMBALDI, the italian master of special effects for the cinema, three times Oscar winner for his creations in King Kong (1977), Alien (1980) and ET, The Extra-Terrestrial (1983). Carlo Rambaldi will be celebrated  at Romics with a special exhibitions of sketches and drawings, in collaboration with Fondazione Culturale Carlo Rambaldi, born in 2014 and which is working for the creation of an anthological museum  to be situated in the native town of Carlo Rambaldi - Vigarano Mainarda near Ferrara, the opening of which is planned for autumn 2017 – and in the support of young filmmakers regarding the importance of the imaginative as  a vehicle for the realization of their own artistic skills. Romics also dedicates to Carlo Rambaldi a special encounter. 


LEONARDO CRUCIANO, works as Supervisor and Art Director of Makinarium, a new production center specialized in the development of physical and visual special effects integrated systems (LCW’S SFX Integrate System) that allow to create realistic creatures directly on the set of a movie,  avoiding the separate use of green screen and CGI. In 2016 Leonardo and his studio have won  two David di Donatello award for Best Make up and Best Digital Effects with the movie Il racconto dei racconti and they are nominated for the David di Donatello award 2017 for Best Visual Effects with the movie Indivisibili. Among his recent collaborations, international productions such as Ben HurZoolander 2 and Wonderwell. He has also collaborated in movies such as: Mary Magdalene, Cruel Peter, Tomb Raider and with film directors such as:  Hugh Hudson, Spike Lee and Ridley Scott.



Thematic meetings on the stage of the Movie Village with the presence of speakers and talents from the world of cinema, tv series and the most famous journalists on the web.  Among the main topics of this edition:

Wonder Woman Rebirth. Celebration of the Wonder Woman 75th anniversary / Web Tv Series – The Italian series of the year and those of the next season, in collaboration with Rome Web Fest (The Pills, Zero, Romolo+July, Binge Love, La scuola della notte) / Three Oscars for a Master: a tribute to Carlo Rambaldi / Dylan Dog: 30 years of nightmares (with the screening of the documentary distributed by Studio Universal).


Inside the thematic area Warner Bros. Entertainment Italia at the Movie Village you can find an entertainment section dedicated to the movie Fantastic beasts and where to find them, Oscar 2017 for Best Costume Design, in occasion of the release on DVD, BLU-RAY™, BLU-RAY 3D™ and 4K ULTRA HD™, that can be purchased at the stand Euronics from March 28. On Saturday, for all fans of the magic world created by J.K. Rowling, moments of entertainment and photo opportunities, for a total immersion in the Potter world.


On the occasion of the 35th anniversary of ET. The Extraterrestrial, a special preview of some extra contents of the Steelbook edition of the film, distributed by Universal Pictures Home Entertainment, that will be released on May 24.


The films and the most important series in the superheroes and sci-fi genres, but also fantasy, horror and adventure will be introduced with promotional materials and press at the 3000 seats hall of Romics. Here are the titles:

Universal Pictures International Italy: Ghost in the Shell – Fast and Furious 8 – Transformers 5 – The Mummy ( Universal will also published the Blu-ray version of the first great classic dated 1932).

Warner Bros. Entertainment Italia: Wonder Woman – King Arthur: Legend of the Sword.

The "journey" of film Assassin’s Creed, started right at Romics in October 2016, will return in April with a special screening from the ‘’behind the scenes’’ of the filmon the occasion of its release on the digital stores  (from April 19distributed by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment) and from May 4 on DVD, Blu-rayTM, Blu-ray3D TM and 4K Ultra HD TM with Warner Bros. Entertainment Italia.