Area Pro - Let's discover new talents!

A place where creativity and professional experience meet each other, where art invades the world of work.

Inside Pavillion 9, in the Mostre&Bookshop area , next to Comics Meeting&Lab and Wallab of Creativity, you can find the Area Pro of Romics, a reserved space, in which very important guests from the world of comics and illustration, authors, editors and sector experts  can gather themselves, take part in professional meetings and discover new talents.



Are you an Editor ?


Registration is free and provides accreditation for the event  through a specific pass that permits access to the Pro Area. In order to obtain the pass it is necessary to fill in and send  the application form to the address:


Within the reserved area it will be possible to plan some matching sessions and examine works and portfolios of emergent authors.   


 Meetings will take place according to a schedule agreed on the basis of declared availability (see application form) and will be part of a  public calendar consultable on the site:


It is recommended to be punctual for the correct course of sessions.



Are you a young emerging talent?


Romics is pleased to offer you this opportunity! Inside the Area Pro of Romics you may partecipate in sessions of portfolio review and  present your works to one or more editors / talent scout who are taking part in the project.


Partecipate is easy!



Consult the calendar of Area Pro to verify  the presences.

Download the relative form, fill it and take it with you.
Every day, from 10.00 to 12.30 the Area Pro Desk of Romics will collect all registration forms.

Be punctual! Those who are not present, they automatically renounce the meeting !