Romics Cosplay Award april 2017

The long-awaited appointment with Romics Cosplay Award makes its return!


The prestigious cosplay parade dedicated to the great international selections where cosplayers from all over Italy will be called to compete on the stage of Romics to represent the high level of Italian cosplay in the world!


The great event dedicated to all Cosplay fans will be held at Romics: thousands of cosplayers will perform in a long marathon of continuous show in front of more than ten thousand spectators. The word ‘’Cosplay’’ is the fusion of ‘’costume player’’: getting dressed and performing in the guise of your favorite character from the world of comics, animation, cinema and games. An awesome hobby born in Japan and soon spread to the whole world. In Italy, Romics has contributed to the diffusion of this tradition by giving it a good visibility and an appropriate location. Since its first edition Romics has made available to Cosplay a real theater with thousands of spectators and today the event is hosted in a huge hall provided with over 10000 sitting and standing seats.


A blend of creativity, tradition and innovation: thousands of people who try to create the most labored and artistic costumes rediscovering traditional techniques, inventing original solutions; sewing by hand, working wood and other materials, involving families and friends.


One of the great news of this 21th edition is the opportunity of participating to the international selection for the Clara Cow ‘s Cosplay Cup that will be held in June 2017 at the prestigious  Animecon, in Holland.





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