The sword art of Kamui meets the music of Mika Kobayashi

Japan at Romics  

An afternoon dedicated to Japanese arts, a world much appreciated by many fans of Romics and what better opportunity of living a unique artistic experience? Mika Kobayashi and Tetsuro Shimaguchi, with his Kamui  group will make you relive the atmospheres of the Japanese world  through the joining of martial arts, theatre and music.


The Sword Art

The group Kamui, formed in 1998 by Tetsuro Shimaguchi, features performances  where the katana, one of the most known Japanese icon in the world, becomes a true protagonist. 
And it is precisely this art that has made Shimaguchi famous since, as he himself tells,  Quentin Tarantino after being spectator of one of his performances  on the streets of Santa Monica  called him five years later to choreograph the sword fighting scenes of the movie "Kill Bill vol. 1" where Shimaguchi  also performed as Crazy88-Miki.


The collaboration with Mika Kobayashi

J-pop singer Mika Kobayashi has become famous all over the world for many anime theme songs such as Attack on Titan, Gundam UC, Guilty Crown and Ao no Exorcist. Singular and particolar is the union on the same stage between the Japanese songwriter and Kamui, The Samurai Sword Art.


We welcome you on Friday 30 September at Romics!